This is just a quick list of the sites I like either because I visit them frequently and find them useful or because I’ve had great service from their products, often over many years. In some cases it’s both of those. Some of them print my articles or sell my books as well.


- quickfire stuff if you are OK reading French
- topical cycling comment rapidly delivered
- fun, slightly off the wall site with some great pix
- as above, more media-oriented perhaps
- and again, but particularly diverse
- I founded this mag and still have a fond eye for it 12 years on
- has picked up the cycling magazine ball and rolled it into new and exotic areas - could well become the go-to site for UK cycling results and news


Good bike bits - best for top-end road bikes in the West Midlands, supremely dedicated customer service - Mr D is the go-to guy for track bikes
- best bike shop in London going back to year dot
- I’ve been racing with the help of their nutrition stuff for 15 years and it’s a lot better than I am
- drool inducing kit and books
- not quite as stylish perhaps but better if you are on a budget and some glorious retro stuff too
- no better way to introduce the kids to the joys of bike riding. They will give you a kicking eventually but the fun along the way is worth it
- Bath emporium run by former London-Brighton organizer John Potter, nice guys in a great town


Books and vids and stuff - all the cycling books and vids you could ever need
- Marylebone High St branch is the best I think…
- a massive archive of cycling book reviews
- Bristol film festival, seem to include an annual cycling event


Bike racing
- dead good for track world cup results which don’t make it onto other sites
- specialist track website


Various - excellent French gite stays run by ex-international Roger Dunne
- great German and French tours run by ex-Olympic cyclist Steve Bent who will halfwheel me if I don’t mention him.
- Claremont Sports Medicine and Performance Centre in Sheffield. I sampled their bike fit and injury support services recently and can highly recommend them.
- the bloke who designed this site.
Nice work and thanks.