Award-winning sports Journalist and author
Award-winning sports Journalist and author

The Sunday in Hell screenings + signings tour

Seeing A Sunday in Hell on the big screen is an experience every cycling fan should have. In conjunction with publication of my book on Jørgen Leth’s film, Sunday in Hell, various people and organisations are organising screenings of the film around the UK, after which you will have a chance to ask me questions about the film and the book, and to buy signed copies of the book. Currently the dates look like this:

April 3: Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old St, London, 630pm

April 5: Rockets and Rascals, 278 Sandbanks Rd, Poole, 7pm (kindly supported by Prendas Ciclismo)

April 7: Watershed, Harbourside, Bristol, 1pm (showing includes the rare Jørgen Leth short Eddy Merckx in the vicinity of a cup of coffee)

April 7: Herne Hill Velodrome, South London, 7pm

April 29, Ilkley Cinema, Ilkley, 730pm

May 16: Phoenix Theatre, Ross on Wye, 7pm (kindly supported by Rossiter Books of Ross on Wye)

I am very much aware that these dates are mainly in the south and west of the UK so I’d like to add to that Yorkshire date at least. Any suggestions welcome at this address… Look forward to seeing you there.

How to get ahead in winter

How to get ahead in winter

First of a series of blogs on the new-look website.

The risks you run as a cyclist if you don’t take winter seriously were brought home this week when a cyclist of my acquaintance ventured out on what looked like a decent enough day only to be caught in a big sleet shower 30 miles from base. The bike rider in question had a cape with him but otherwise was in thin stuff. He ended up shivering under a blanket in a cafe, borderline hypothermic; if he had one thing to be thankful for, it was that he didn’t get a mechanical and end up by the roadside at what could have been a very nasty moment.

There’s snow in them hills if you look closely…



Over the years I’ve had enough “episodes” to fill up a Monty Python type “we had it tough” sketch – frozen bottles, frozen everything I guess – but the fact is I actually relish the arrival of winter, having worked out some simple ground rules from experience. Some of these are pretty obvious, maybe all of them if you have been cycling for a while. Some you won’t agree with, but that’s fine. I would just add the proviso that these are my own opinions; no one has given me freebies to make me write nice things about their products (interestingly, companies are always happy to give journalists summer kit, never winter stuff).

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